Chemical analyzers



Thermo Scientific handheld chemical analyzers are robust and easy-to-use Raman and FTIR spectrometers integrated in very small size. When you want to know quickly on the field, which chemicals the found substances are and if they are somehow dangerous, these instruments are the best possible tools.

Raman spectrometers are able to analyze the samples normally within a few seconds directly in their containers without touch, if the container is at least partly transparent. FTIR analyzers require the touch to sample, but they are able to analyze darker substances, which are more difficult to Raman analyzers.



The Gemini Analyzer is the first and only integrated Raman and FTIR handheld instrument in the world, providing complementary and confirmatory testing in a single, field-portable device. RAMAN flexprobe helps to identify the chemicals throught the translucent containers even in tight places. Motorized FTIR anvil adjusts sample pressure based on user settings and FTIR scan delay allows the user to leave the hazard zone before starting the scan. Faster processer, larger touch screen usable by gloves and guiding user interface makes the measurements easy and identification quick.

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FirstDefender RM and RMX

FirstDefender RM weights only 800 grams and fulfills the MIL-STD 810G military standard, which means the device is tested in very cold and high temperatures, dropped several times from 1,2 meters and kept in 1 meter deep water for half an hour. The RMX version has a flexible stiff probe, which can be adjusted to point to the right point even in difficult locations. The RMX model can also be integrated in a robot. Both models can identify more than 11000 chemicals by the help of their extensive spectrum libraries.

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TruDefender FT/FTi and FTX

These three models are as durable FTIR spectrometers for similar identification purposes of chemicals and explosives. They can identify also the samples, which are darker or generate much fluoresence. However they need to touch the samples and cannot analyze through the bottles and semi-translucent containers like Raman analyzers. FTi version contains integrated cellular technology for wireless communication from the hot zones to the command or support locations. The results are directly sent to the specified recipients after the measurement, which is necessary in the cases when there is too much smoke, fire or other disturbances in the place of the measurement. FTX is the latest model, which has a renewed multifunctional sampling head. It does not need a separate sample crusher, which drops the combined weight by half a kilogram.


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TruNarc is a simpler light 570 gram very easy-to-use Raman model compared to FirstDefender. It is optimized to identify drugs and narcotics. The results of the identified samples are shown by name and traffic lights. If the substance is illegal, the result is shown on the red background, if it is legal, the background is green. If there is a possibility that there is some illegal substance is hidden under the strong spectrum of legal substance, the result background is yellow. The algorithms are made so that wrong results are avoided. If not sure, the device will state it clearly. All the measurement results are recorded in the memory of TruNarc, from which they are easily exported or printed out in a form of ready report.

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