Tecnex Oy was founded in November 1983 to engage in technical and industrial consulting, import and export agency activities.

We represent several principals in Finland and in some Baltic countries.

Our offering extends from the treatment of accidents to underwater surveys.

Our customers are public authorities, public and private corporations, enterprises and communities.

Our wide-ranging offering of high quality and reliable products and services builds on customer requirements.

Our offering is focused on safety and security products and services including situation mapping.

See the Products & Services section for more information.


Our offering is extending and also changes a bit over time, but the basic values, which guide our operations, stay the same:

  • Customer Orientation
    We like to understand the challenges from the customer point of view and find solutions to  their needs.
  • Trust
    We want to be a trustworthy companion to our customers, principals and other stakeholders.
  • Quality
    We aim to offer high-quality and ecological products and solutions to various needs and environments.
  • Added Value
    We strive to generate real and permanent added value to our customers and collaborators.
  • Technical Expertise
    We eagerly learn new and maintain high-level knowledge and expertise in our focus areas and follow the latest developments.