Counter surveillance

Audiotel International is a world-famous manufacturer of counter surveillance products. Because they also develop technical surveillance products to government authorities, they surely have the latest knowledge of these products, which are revealed by their counter surveillance technologies.

Tecnex Oy has cooperated with Audiotel already for more than three decades. We concentrate on counter surveillance products and systems on these pages, but authorities can also acquire Audiotel's surveillance products via us.


The main counter surveillance products from Audiotel are shortly introduces below:


Scanlock M3

M3 is Audiotel's flagship product, which can identify and locate the bugs and radio signal sources of the latest technology in the neighbourhood. It can be used locally via touch screen, via PC or via Ethernet network. It identifies also the type of the observed deviating radio signal (Bluetooth, Wifi, 3G, video etc).

M3 can be extended by accessories like

- 30 GHz antenna extending the upper limit of the observed signal range from 10GHz to 30GHz
- Cable checker, which checks, if any suspicious signal is transmitted in the various cables



e-Shield is a system based on the same Scanlock technology. It can be used to make sure that rooms reserved for confidential meetings stay clear from bugs and are free from the mobile phone usage, if so agreed. More than 10 rooms can be monitored and guarded from the same control room all the time. Various types of alarms can be defined to alert if anything exceptional appears. Control rooms can be followed remotely over internet. There are a few types of e-Shield sensors:

e-Shield Fixed,
which is normally installed on the ceiling of the office or conference room.

e-Shield Portable,
which can stay in the corner or be easily moved to temporary spaces (see the topmost picture).


 SB Detector

SB Detector is a NLJD (Non-Linear Junction Detector) technology based product, which can locate the bugs, hidden recorders or any electronic components even if they are switched off. This is versatile light-weight overall tool for sweeping the important conference rooms or any meeting places. SB Detector is available as several variants:

   SB02:          2W model
   SB04:          4W model
   SB10:         10W model
   SM10MD:  10W NLJD and metal detector combination (EOD variant)


Delta V Advanced

Light mobile phone like differential RF detector for searching 
radio signal sources.



 See more of available products on the Audiotel web pages: