Remote Operated Vehicles

It is general to send divers to do underwater tasks. However it is often laboursome, time-consuming, expensive, dangerous and when going deeper almost impossible. It is much easier to send ROVs or Remote Operated Vehicles to do these tasks. You just put it in the water and steer it by joystick and monitor like you would be in a small submarine yourself. By the help of sonars, strong lights and cameras you see the surroundings much better than as a diver and you can go places, in which you would not otherwise go. Manipulators and cutters help you to carry out all kinds of rescue, construction or lifting operationd in the depths.

There are several Ocean Modules ROV models of various sizes available in our offering. They can be equipped and flexibly adapted to various tasks by many types of instruments and for navigation there are a variety of seamaps, on which it is easy to follow where the ROVS are or which routes they have taken. The specialty of Ocean Modules is so called 360° freedom concept, which allows these ROV models to be driven in any position so that the cameras can record the wanted objects in an optimal angle.

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