Rotzler is a German family owned company, which has been designing and manufacturing various types of winches from year 1928. The company itself was founded more than 100 years ago and is nowadays focusing on hydraulic winches.

Gebuwin is a family owned company based in the Netherlands. It has manufactured various types of lifting and pulling equipment for more than 70 years. Gebuwin has especially specilized in hand winches, but they have also electric winches and other products in their portfolio.

Both Rotzler and Gebuwin products are robust and of very high quality and suitable for demanding professional use.

The winches in our portfolio are ideally suitable, for example, for the following applications:

  • Recovery and rescue vehicles (hydraulic winches)
  • Military wheeled and tracked vehicles (hydraulic winches)
  • Loading cranes (hydraulic and electric winches)
  • Drilling rigs (hydraulic and electric winches)
  • Marine industry (hydraulic, hand and electric winches)
  • Various industrial needs (hand and electric winches)




Rotzler hydraulic winches and their accessories, click for more information   
                                  Titan TI 2 winch

Gebuwin hand and electric operated winches and their accessories, click for more information    WW1000 GR D

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