Rotzler is a German family owned company, which has been designing and manufacturing various types of winches from year 1928.

Rotzler hydraulic winches are ideally suitable, for example, for the following applications:

  • Recovery and rescue vehicles (Treibmatic- and HZ-winches)
  • Military wheeled and tracked vehicles (Treibmatic- and HZ-winches)
  • Loading cranes (Titan- and HK-winches)
  • Drilling rigs (Titan- and HZ-winches)
  • Marine industry (Titan-winches)




For Rotzler the quality, realibility and durability of its winches are very important aspects.  Rotzler quality management system is DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008 certified.

Titan hoisting winches have been certified by Germanischer Lloyd for integration in ships.

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From the Rotzler website lots of further information can also be found.

At the moment the hydraulic winches from Rotzler are divided into the following product groups:

Hoisting winches

  • TITAN, various models for hoisting forces of 12,5 kN – 55 kN
  • HK, various models for hoisting forces of 30 kN – 102 kN

The hoisting force can be increased, altered or controlled by using various types of accessories. The drum of the winch can also be grooved and equipped with a pressure roller to improve the proper spooling of the rope.

Titan TI 2 winchTitan TI 5 grooved drum Titan with pressure roller


Further information about the new Rotzler Titan TI winches.


Pulling winches

  • TREIBMATIC, constant pulling force winch with modular design, various models for pulling forces of 50 kN – 500 kN


  • HZ, drum winch, various models for pulling forces of 50 kN – 330 kN

(The pulling force can be increased or altered by using various types of accessories)